Introduction to Programming in ATS

This book starts from the core of ATS, a statically typed call-by-value functional programming language, and introduces the reader to dependent types, linear types and the paradigm of programming with theorem-proving. It assumes no familiarity of the reader with functional programming.
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A Tutorial on Programming Features in ATS

The primary purpose of the tutorial is to bring deep insights into a rich set of programming features in ATS and also demonstrate through concrete examples that these features can be made of effective use in the construction of high-quality programs. For someone familiar with both ML and C, it is possible to learn programming in ATS by simply studying the tutorial. However, a coherent and systematic view of ATS is diffcult to be gained from the tutorial alone.
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ATS/Cairo Tutorial

This tutorial focuses on employing types in ATS to facilitate safe and reliable programming with cairo, a comprehensive drawing package supporting 2D graphics, through the API for cairo in ATS. In particular, it is demonstrated concretely that linear types can be used highly effectively to prevent resources (such as contexts created for drawing) from being leaked due to inadvertent programming errors.
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